Mission, Vision, Values

The Wilf Ward Family Trust is a charity that was established in 1986 by Wilf and Phyllis Ward. It was founded on the principles of providing support, accommodation and respite to disabled and vulnerable people and their families.


To remain at the forefront of empowering disabled and vulnerable people to live personalised lifestyles through a culture of participation, involvement and encouragement.


To continue promoting an ethos of caring, supportiveness, participation, learning and involvement for disabled and vulnerable people in the communities in which they live.


Keep the person at the centre of everything we do

Making a difference by working in the best interests of each individual, providing personalised service, advocacy and support.

Promoting inclusive relationships for the benefit of the people we serve

We listen to our customers, their families and our communities in an open and respectful manner in order to shape our current and future travel.

Valuing our staff and our supporters

Building on potential and established knowledge, expertise and achievements to continue to promote a work-place culture of excellence, innovation and self-fulfilment.

Maintaining and developing respectful partnerships

We will continue to encourage our staff to place value on all partnerships thereby creating a culture of mutual respect and trust through positive participation of the families of the people that we serve, and their communities, in all that we do.

Acting and behaving in a purposeful way

To maintain a standards led and quality driven organisation, creating support networks that focus on the person, his or her needs and chosen lifestyle which enables the individual to choose and experience positive risks that enhance their well-being and self-esteem.

Upholding our promises, commitments and integrity

To remain true to our core values by being an organisation built on the foundations of openness, transparency and honesty.

Realising and promoting vibrant opportunities

Continue to build on the person’s potential working alongside each individual to create everyday and exclusive opportunities that provide stimulation, enjoyment and enhancement within the person’s life.