Who was Wilf Ward?

‘The Wilf Ward Story’ is the story of Wilf, founder of The Wilf Ward Family Trust and his brother, and business partner, Frank. It’s an inspiring account of achievement over adversity spanning nearly 90 years, and is a fascinating gem for those interested in local and social history. The book is available via the link below.

These two brothers were sons of a Yorkshire chauffeur turned farmer. The book records their austere childhood and restricted youth, and their struggle through to freedom and independence to pursue a unique destiny. After almost two decades of farm labouring with no social life or money of their own, they invented the Ward Scruffler and began a post-war steelwork business in a Nissan hut in the small village of Sherburn. The business went on to develop into one of the largest factories in the country.

Though the brothers’ education was minimal, their Yorkshire traits of honesty, sagacity and plain common sense took them on to achieve two Royal Awards and wealth that they couldn’t have dreamed of as children.

Through Wilf’s generosity in establishing a charity, The Wilf Ward Family Trust has benefited countless individuals and their families since it was founded.

The Wilf Ward story is a remarkable account of invention and innovation, of achievement and prosperity; as well as a determination to succeed against unbelievable odds. It has to be read to be believed.

The Wilf Ward Story

Wilf and Phyllis Ward receiving a check from ITV
Wilf Ward receiving his OBE
The Ward Scruffler