Bev’s Story

This is a story about Bev who lives in one of our supported living schemes in Northallerton. Well before I began working at The Wilf Ward Family Trust in July 2014, Bev has wanted to have her ears pierced. This may seem like a small thing, but like many people, Bev is not too fond of needles.

There were many discussions between support staff and Bev on what exactly happened when you had your ears pierced. Bev had a lot of questions:
Does it hurt?
Is it noisy?
Is it a big needle?

Bev had the place picked out in town, and walked past it many times. She would inform staff that this was the place, and on many occasions when Bev had plucked up the courage she would decide at the last minute that today was not the day.

Bev’s Key worker Jan spoke to Bev’s family about how best to support her to make the next step, and get through the door of the shop. As a result of the discussions Bev, Jan, and Bev’s sister–in-law arranged to meet for lunch followed by the ear piercing for Bev. With all this support and reassurance, her goal was finally achieved!

Bev is well known in Northallerton and when in town, informs everyone she meets that she has finally “had them done!”. She’d been telling these people many times over the past months that she was “getting my ears done!”, so they were visibly pleased for her that she had achieved it after such a long time.

Bev is extremely happy and proud of her new earrings and this experience has given her more confidence when it comes to needles. Bev is now thinking about her next step – something else she has always talked about….getting a tattoo!!!