Employee of The Year

I came to work for The Wilf Ward Family Trust in 2013 having worked in a hospital setting for many years. I wanted a career change and through looking on the website at the good work achieved within the Trust I felt that this would be a good company to work for.

I went to work at a registered service as an assistant manager within a large staff team. I have found it very challenging at times but also very rewarding. I have gained a lot of skills and knowledge and feel privileged to be part of such a fantastic team.

I was very proud to be considered for a staff award and very surprised and delighted when I was awarded outstanding employee of the year at the recent Staff Awards, given the level of commitment of others within the Trust. It is nice to be recognised for your work and I was in utter shock when my name was called out. The response from people within the Trust has been overwhelming and I feel very humble by their positive response to my award.

Through working at the Trust I have been able to be involved in many facets of a managerial role, from recruitment, organisation, disciplinaries, rota management to painting sheds, fundraising- my role covers it all. I believe you should lead by example and show others the way forward. I firmly believe that there is no place in care for negativity.

More recently I have been involved in managing a supported living service which is very different to a residential scheme, I have found this to be very challenging as I have to deal with some different ways of working. I take all challenges within my stride so that there is a positive outcome.

I enjoy working for the Trust and look forward to continuing to be involved in improving the lives of the customers we support.

By Sue Sharp