It’s a Knockout

Our first ever It’s a Knockout event was held on 21st August at Joseph Rowntree School. The day was a celebration of the Trust’s 30th Birthday; can you believe it’s been 30 years since Wilf and Phyllis Ward decided to change the lives of those with disabilities? We are all incredibly grateful that they did!

The day was off to a good start with Mother Nature in our favour; despite all the planning we could not control the weather. Luckily it was sunshine all round and only ever so slightly windy. All of the volunteers were at the school from early on to make sure the day ran smoothly. We had the bespoke games dotted around both inside and outside the school and a tombola for those who wanted to take a chance in winning a prize; I have to give a shout out to Julie from York who set her eyes on a fluffy yellow duck and managed to actually win it! Thank you for everyone who donated a prize for the tombola, we raised £187.85!

And then of course we had the main event; the It’s a Knockout games, run by the Graham Fisher International It’s a Knockout team, complete with some brilliant commentary. Everyone I’ve spoken to who took part in the games had a brilliant time and I think most people got a little bit soggy to say the least! It was great fun for all those watching and cheering on the teams too; everyone loves a bit of friendly competition. Everyone was involved in some way, even Jill Henderson the latest addition to our RRM team was spotted wearing a ‘Cheshire Cat’ onesie in support of the Harrogate and Northallerton Hurrankan Team. You have to give Hurrankan Team 1 credit for completing the games in onesies as they must have got very warm in the sun…but it must not have been too bad as they won the afternoon games, joining the ‘Legends of Langton’ as the winners of the day. Teams were judged on not just coming first in the games, but also for their style and teamwork.

We’d like to thank all of the volunteers who helped on the day and of course all of those who helped with the organisation in the months before the event. Hopefully it wasn’t too stressful for them as everyone I’ve spoken to wouldn’t mind a rematch next year!