Kath’s Story

My name is Kath Marin, and I have lived at a supported living service in Driffield since 2012, supported by The Wilf Ward Family Trust.

I live with two of my friends who I went to school with.

When we first moved in I used to enjoy making decisions about what I did and what I ate, planning weekly recipes choosing pictures from the recipe books, however these choices were not always healthy and after a while my clothes started getting tighter and I was putting on weight.

Following discussions with my family and Support Workers I decided I needed to choose healthier options from the recipe books with help and encouragement from my support staff.

My mum suggested I look at joining the local gym to help me lose weight.
I went to look at the local gym with my key worker Karen. I was shown around and I liked it asking immediately if I could come again.

I started going to the gym and found it hard at first but kept going with lots of encouragement from my support staff. I now enjoy going twice a week and can burn 400 calories each time. I have made friends with the staff and some of the other people who go to the gym.