Keith’s Story

Keith has been supported by The Wilf Ward Family Trust since 2010.

Keith has a real interest in cars and has a large collection of model cars kept in a display cabinet in his bedroom; he takes great pride in keeping them dust free.

Keith made the decision in October 2014 that he would like to go on an overnight stay to Birmingham to visit the Autosport (car) Show at the NEC. Keith had seen this holiday advertised in a brochure that he gets delivered to his house.

Keith made his wishes known to a support worker who then said that she would support him on the holiday if he wanted her to. The support worker then supported Keith to book the holiday.

Keith was very excited about going to the car show and spent a lot of time planning for the holiday with support.

Two days before the holiday the scheme manager received a phone call from the tour operator that Keith had booked with to inform them that the holiday had to be cancelled due to lack of other bookings.

Knowing Keith would be upset on receiving this news the staff team rallied round to find an alternative way of supporting Keith to get to the Autosport show. The resourcefulness and flexibility of the staff meant that one member of the team stepped up and volunteered to drive Keith to the show at short notice so that he did not miss out on this much anticipated event.

Keith was very pleased and could not thank the staff member enough.

Keith said he had a fabulous time at the car show, he said that he had seen David Coulthard (F1 Driver) and seen all the Formula 1 cars and rally cars.

Keith asked us to write this story up for him and he fully agrees he received excellent quality support to achieve his wish. He added, “The car show was ace!”