Learning Disability Voices


Learning Disability Voices called on the Government to ensure adult social care remains sustainable, despite the front-loaded funds announced today.

Though local authorities will be able to raise more for care services as a result of an increased precept, a longer-term funding shortfall still faces the sector.

The coalition of providers represented by Learning Disability Voices believes that care has reached a crisis point and some of the most vulnerable people in society are at risk of losing a vital lifeline.

The current financial challenge – brought about by six years of deep cuts to local learning disability services – has already forced providers to withdraw from unsustainable contracts.

Learning Disability Voices welcomed the £900m package announced today by the Business Secretary, but issued a stark warning that this is by no means enough to prevent further service closures.

Andrew Cannon, Co-Chair of Learning Disability Voices, stated:

“Having campaigned for a more significant precept this is a very small step in the right direction. We’re glad the Government is listening, but we are very clear that it needs to go further.”

“There are stark funding challenges facing the sector and we urgently need to shore-up learning disability services which are on the brink of collapse.

“We’re hoping for a longer-term settlement that addresses the crisis we’re facing. The Government cannot rely solely on overstretched local authorities to solve it.”

Diane Lightfoot, Co-Chair of Learning Disability Voices, stated:

“We’re encouraged to see that the Government is acknowledging the crisis in social care by allowing local authorities to front-load the funding for vital community services.

“While this is by no means a long-term fix for the learning disability sector, empowering councils over the next year will go some way to addressing the current crisis we’re facing.

“We’ll wait and see as to what the improved precept brings over the next two years, but the Government urgently needs to shore-up the sector.”

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