Linda’s Story

Linda has chosen to write about the staff and how they help her. These are Linda’s own words;
“Marie is great, if you need help she is there for you and someone to talk to.
Kirsty, she works very hard, does a lot of paperwork and is there for help, and there for you in the office and makes you happy if you are sad.
Vanessa, she is good at cooking, making things, like cakes buns, etc. and good to talk to.
Derrick is good at putting pictures up on the walls, he is good at sport, gym work and good with music, if you want music on CD he will do it for you, he is great and fun.
Ben, he is new to me at the Croft and fun, he sits with you and watches TV with us and makes hot drinks and is good at cooking and likes to talk to you, what you did in the day.
Paddy, he likes to do cooking and helping out at the Croft and likes to talk a lot.
I like living at the Croft, I have learnt lots of new things and tried lots of new activities and I have much more confidence than I had before I lived here”.