Lindsey’s Story

Our daughter Lindsey has lived with The Wilf Ward Family Trust in a Supported Living service for the last twelve years.

As parents we always like to know how Lindsey spends her day and what she has been doing. Over the years various ways of communicating this information to us has been tried. This has been through using daily diaries, telephone calls and emails.

However a few months ago a staff member came up with a fantastic idea of Lindsey having her own blog! The introduction of this has given us a different insight into her daily life. The extra bonus to us is having a photograph of Lindsey at that very moment. Her blog can be from what activity she is doing or home, what she has been doing at the Day centre, having a day out with her support staff or just snuggled up ready for bed – we just love to see it all.

We go away regularly and this has been when the blog has proved such a reassurance to us, especially when travelling abroad we can log in and see she is well and happy. Lindsey does not have the understanding to communicate verbally so for us this is her telling and showing us what she is doing with the help of her support workers.

When Lindsey comes home to us we also update her blog and share what she does with her staff. This has given staff ideas and helped them in noticing things and seeing the things she enjoys to do when she is with us. Lindsey already had her own tablet so once the blog was set up by her staff we were ready to go. We have now been using her blog daily for the last three months and it’s just great.

Staff have embraced this way of communicating with us and have shown to be so enthusiastic. We have some lovely photographs of Lindsey which will always be on her blog. To us a picture tells us such a lot. All in all this way of communicating has shown us even though Lindsey is non verbal that she can with staff support keep in touch with her Mum & Dad on a daily basis.

By Liz & Bob