Partison Phiri’s Story

My name is Partison Phiri but most people call me Paddy. I am not sure how I became Paddy, but I love my alias.

I joined The Wilf Ward Family Trust in 2007 whilst I was a student. I wanted relief work to enable me to continue my studies, but I also wanted to work somewhere that I was passionate about.
I developed a passion working in the disability sector during my previous job as a school teacher in Africa, in fact I spent the greater part of my teaching career, almost 20 years working and supporting pupils with various disabilities.

I was introduced to The Wilf Ward Family Trust via a friend. I expressed my interest in working for the Trust, applied for a Relief Support Worker position and was delighted when they offered me a job.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone in the Trust, the service users and colleagues.

I am glad to say that I have gained lots of new experiences whilst working in the Trust; each day, each month brings its own unique experiences; no two days are the same. I have made mistakes but have grown as a person because of them.

I particularly enjoy working with people who have autism; my knowledge of the subject has greatly increased.

I find people fascinating, I enjoy working alongside my colleagues and supporting service users, watching people around me grow into unique individuals with their own particular qualities, skills, dreams and needs.

I have also seen legislation and policies in real practice, I see them in action whist working on a daily basis; this has taught me a lot about how The Trust operates and the role of my managers.

I would like to believe that my inclusion in the staff team has brought a difference; I am of African origin, I think the Wilf Ward Family Trust environment is very inclusive and I think, good for everyone.

I would like to thank the service users I have supported over the years for bringing me joy, and on the whole I want to thank the Trust; my managers at all levels for accepting my presence in The Trust.  It has made a real difference to me and I am thankful because I have been supported in a lot of ways.

Thank you to everyone that is supported by, and works for the Trust.