Support Worker of the Year

My name’s Gav Revill and I am the proud winner of the WWFT Support Worker of the Year Award, 2016.Before I speak of the awards, please let me give a little background on my role.

I support with three amazing people and their families at Forty Winks in Goole. For almost four years now, I have been fortunate enough to support our Customers and to work with my amazing colleagues. In the past few years together we have laughed and cried. We’ve made plans and achieved great goals. The truth is, I find myself so fortunate to work with people who inspire & support me each week.

Out of All the Nominees for this Category, Why Did I Deserve to Win the Award?

I am a man who works towards the highest standards of care. Ask any of my colleagues and they will tell you the same.

My personal credos at work are…

‘Give me a task, and I will put 110% effort into it, for the betterment of our Customers & the support they receive’.

‘Find me a problem, and I will put it to our Customer- and together, we will find a solution.’

And ‘When an agreed solution is found, make sure the rest of the staff team know what we’ve discovered, about the best approach for the support, we provide.’

But I’m a strong believer that ‘No Man is an Island’. I have seen and experienced the importance of a staff team moving forward together. The support and respect I give to my colleagues is reflected in them and in that they also support and respect me. I know that I certainly don’t have all the answers of the best way to provide support for our customers. With this in mind, I’d like to take this opportunity, to thank some very important people, in my work life. The team at Forty Winks – Clare Fallowfield, Nichola Sweeting, Tom Perret, Alison Fitzsimmons, Sharon Holt, Ashleigh Harrison and Diane Stobbs.

And the winner is…

As I sat with my stomach full of the amazing three course meal that I’d just eaten, I listened to the nominees names being read out. I have to admit that my nerves took a hold of me. I felt nervous as I realised that every name mentioned throughout the evening were all of people who were at the top of their game. To make it this far and to experience the evening shows that we were in a room full of professionals, all being acknowledged for their achievement in care and support. The obvious truth is that we were all winners that night.

The envelope was opened and my name was read out along with a huge cheer from the people representing the Boothferry and the Wolds area. I stood in front of the room and graciously accepted the award. As I had my picture taken, reflected in my face held the gravitas of this prestigious award. This was my greatest night; just before I had my picture taken, I wiped a tear away from my eye.

I’d like to take this opportunity, to thank Paul McCay for choosing me, as the winner of my award. This must have been a very difficult task for Paul to do. But, I thank him for choosing me- I won’t let him down as the ceiling has been raised in my mind and I see that the only way is up in regards to my career within The Wilf Ward Family Trust.

I’d like to thank Ian Donaghy for hosting the evening. Ian’s approach made everyone feel more at ease. He kept the evening light and he kindly shared some heartfelt stories about his own personal experiences with his family who received care and support. By telling us all of his experiences, it made us all see just how important our roles are. I remember him saying on the night, ‘Once you find a job you love, you no longer work.’ A true saying, if ever I’ve heard one.

And last but certainly not least, I’d like to thank Rich, Kirsty & Bex. I’d like to thank you for allowing me to share all the great times that we’ve had together. You each inspire me and my colleagues to keep advocating on your behalf.

Our best days are when we support you to make your dreams, wishes and aspirations become your reality. Without you three amazing people, we wouldn’t be able to experience all the joy which you pour into us each day.

Here’s to the future… let’s work together to make it a bright one.