Shaun has always taken great pride in his appearance. Every morning, he likes to get up and style his hair with gel, and often visits the hair dressers to keep his hair tidy so he can show it off to all the staff.

Then the pandemic struck, and the hair dressers closed, leaving Shaun without a way to keep his appearance the way he liked it. The news made Shaun unhappy, and the staff hate to see him so down.

But they weren’t going to leave him feeling down. After speaking to Shaun’s mum, the staff agreed they would treat Shaun to a little pamper session. One of the support workers, Michelle, put her scissors to good use and cut his hair down just how he liked it, and topped it off with a lovely nail treatment.

Shaun was so pleased with the results. Michelle did such a great job that Shaun’s fellow house mates both asked for her to do the same with them.

Going above and beyond for the individuals we support isn’t part of the job, it’s something our staff want to do, because seeing the smiles at the end of the day makes it all worth it.