Tracey’s Story

Tracey joined the Organisation as a support worker in September 2012 when a new service started. Tracey had not worked directly in the area of supported living before but brought with her personal experience and a good attitude towards person centred support, a sense of humour and a natural skill in finding ways to enhance the lives of the two people being supported. This coupled with the relevant induction and training provided by the Trust laid the foundations for Tracey’s start to a career in social care.

Tracey’s ability to support the Manager in developing the staff team soon became apparent and when the opportunity of career development became available, she was successful in moving into the role of Senior Support Worker, now Assistant Manager.

Having a skilled and effective Assistant Manager has been a benefit not only to the people supported, but also to the Manager – helping her to allocate her time between the three schemes for which she is responsible.

As well as her role as Assistant Manager, Tracey is the ‘Good News’ champion for the region, collating stories and information about the excellent support that goes on locally.

Tracey’s latest addition to her role has been as part of a team setting up the ‘Orange Zebras’. Yes, the name is unusual but it was chosen by the members of the drama group themselves, made up of a number of people whom we support. The Orange Zebras are currently rehearsing weekly to present their very first production of ‘Paddington’s Magical Journey’ at a local theatre.