The pandemic has affected every aspect of our everyday lives, seeping into homes all across the country, including some of our services. This is the story of one case.

F is an individual who receives support at one of our services. Early into the pandemic, the staff discovered that she had a very high temperature, which had caused her to have a seizure. Instantly, the staff moved to action. F was admitted to hospital, wherein the worst was confirmed. F had the virus.

“We were shell shocked. I felt guilty, cross, sad. I felt as though I’d let F down.”

The staff supported one another while F was in hospital, before quickly moving into action.  Unable to bring her home with other vulnerable people, they had to set up in a spare building, adhering to the strict rules that had come into place. A staff member went to pick F up from hospital to take her to her home for the next two weeks.

Rotas changed, and personal lives were put on hold as the team accommodated to the change. But they remained calm and positive for F, and helped her settle into the new home.

“I was scared but I knew that F needed staff that she knew and I wanted to be part of doing my best for her.”

It was a scary time for everyone, but as a team they got through it. F’s family were incredibly supportive, as were the families of the support workers. The love and support felt throughout the experience was vital for all involved.

“I honestly could not have done any of this without the support from my team. We should all be very proud of what we have achieved for F.”

Thankfully, F was able to overcome the virus, and after two weeks she moved back into her old home, but the lessons learned stuck with the team, and helped them to stay strong over the following months.

“It is a scary experience, but you find the strength as a team to battle through. I am proud of what the team are doing to carry on through all this.”