Hello, I’m Amy. I am a Support Worker based in the Ripon and Harrogate area. I started working as a Support Worker for The Wilf Ward Family Trust in 2012, I’m 36 now so that’s almost a third of my life!

In that time, I have grown in my professional and personal development. I have raised my son, completed my health and social care diplomas and have attended lots of other training courses. Often training that educates me in what I do outside of work as well as at work, which is always helpful to know.

I am currently studying for a degree in Drama Education and Community at York St John University. My management team have always been very supportive of this and understand my need to develop my creativity. My interests are in promoting well-being through Applied Theatre, Dance and Arts practices, mainly used in social and community settings.

I find it hard to define my role. It’s rather interchangeable at times. I’m a bit of everything I guess. I am forever learning, but I like that.

Throughout my role, I have had opportunities to experience life and learn through supporting those I work with to be involved in their wider community. Such as providing support with various dance clubs, taking part in charity and social enterprise events, attending church services, theatre shows and many concerts, far too many to name but I have seen Cliff Richard 5 times now. I think that makes me a super fan?

Through actively supporting individuals, I am also actively involved in many different community groups, some of whom I don’t think I would be involved in if it wasn’t for being a Support Worker. This enables me to feel more included in society and the community in which I live, helping me to develop a sense of self and who I am.

I wouldn’t be who I am now if it wasn’t for my time as a Support Worker for the Trust. I am truly grateful for this and I feel very lucky. I really do feel like I have one of the best jobs in the world, even with its occasional challenges because I get to be me! And empower others to be themselves also.

I am lucky enough to spend time with wonderful people doing wonderful things, experiencing life in a very special way, through a different lens, a different perspective. Experiencing life in a way that I simply couldn’t if I wasn’t a Support Worker.

I have met some wonderful and truly inspiring individuals, families, parents, colleagues, leaders, and trainers who have had an impact on me and the person I am today.

Most importantly I see the value in what I do, I feel valued, and value what this experience gives me back in return.

No day is the same, no conversation is the same, however, there is mostly always lots of laughter, singing, dancing and of course ABBA!