Introduction & who this briefing is for

This information is for anyone who may enter one of the Trust’s PMLD services (Stakesby Road, Muston Road, Grayling, Isabella Court, Sherburn House, The Pacey’s and Errol House).

On 4th August 2021 The Department of Health and Social Care published the ‘Coronavirus (COVID19) vaccination of people working or deployed in care homes: operational guidance’. This supports the amendments which were made to the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2021 – for short we’ll refer to them as ‘the Regulations’.

The Regulations require the registered persons of all CQC registered care homes, which provide accommodation together with nursing or personal care, to ensure that persons do not enter the indoor premises unless they are vaccinated.

There are exemptions to this which will be covered below.

The date the Regulations come into force is 11th November 2021, unless an exemption applies. In order to meet this deadline, you must have had your first vaccine by 16th September 2021.

What do the Regulations mean for the Trust?

Anyone who works within or visits a PMLD service (as defined above) must have both COVID19 vaccines before 11th November 2021 unless exempt.

Without doing this it means that the Trust will be breaching the Regulations outlined above.

The Regulations do not currently include any booster vaccines however, this may be consulted on further by the Department of Health and Social Care.

The Regulations do not currently include supported living services; however, a consultation is due to start by the Department of Health and Social Care. You can read the most recent update on this here: Making vaccination a condition of deployment in the health and wider social care sector – GOV.UK (

Who are exempt from the Regulations? (please see the Regulations for more information)

How do I demonstrate my vaccination or exemption status?

You can do this by doing 1 of 3 ways:

Whilst we are checking your status we will require to see the original.

We’re awaiting guidance from the Department of Health and Social Care on the evidence for exemptions.

What happens if we refuse to get the vaccine and are not exempt from receiving it?

For those people who are employed by the Trust, we are speaking to them about what options are available.

For those people providing services, you will not be able to cross the threshold of the PMLD service from 11th November 2021.

Useful information:

The Guidance to support the Regulations we must follow: Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination of people working or deployed in care homes: operational guidance – GOV.UK (

ELearning is available on the COVID 19 vaccines: CoVE Package: COVID-19 Vaccine Education – The importance of the COVID-19 vaccine for individual and societal health (

COVID19 vaccinations: A guide of adults COVID-19 vaccination: guide for adults – GOV.UK (

What to expect after your vaccine: COVID-19 vaccination: what to expect after vaccination – GOV.UK (

Vaccines and blood clotting COVID-19 vaccination and blood clotting – GOV.UK (

Vaccines and pregnancy COVID-19 vaccination: women of childbearing age, currently pregnant or breastfeeding – GOV.UK (

The government easy read guides COVID-19 vaccination: easy-read leaflets – GOV.UK (