Voices from Our Team

At The Wilf Ward Family Trust, our team members are the heartbeat of our organisation. Hear their stories, experiences, and the profound impact they’ve made through their roles. We invite you to explore the extraordinary journeys of some of our dedicated individuals:


Paul McCay, CEO – The Wilf Ward Family Trust in a Nutshell
Gain insights into our organisation’s vision and mission from our CEO, Paul McCay, as he shares the essence of The Wilf Ward Family Trust.


Dianne Willcocks, Trustee – Staying on Track
Learn about the meaningful commitment and dedication from our trustee, Dianne Willcocks, as she shares her perspective on staying focused on our goals.


Marianne Betts, Trustee – The Wilf Ward Family Trust, A Unique Way
Discover the unique approaches and perspectives that trustee Marianne Betts brings to our Trust.


Rachel Morrill, Head of Transitions – My Journey at The Wilf Ward Family Trust
Follow the journey of Rachel Morrill, Head of Transitions, and witness the profound impact she’s had on the lives of those we support.


Kelly Sidebottom, Registered Manager – My Journey, My Life Transformed
Explore the transformational journey of Kelly Sidebottom, our Registered Manager, as she shares her experience of transforming lives.


Leanne Reid, Manager – My Journey, A Happy Place
Join Leanne Reid on her journey towards creating a happy and fulfilling environment for our community.


Shannon Dunlop, Support Worker – My Journey, Gaining the Skills
Discover Shannon Dunlop’s journey of acquiring skills and making a difference as a Support Worker at The Wilf Ward Family Trust.


Watch these inspiring videos and delve into the stories that define our commitment, passion, and dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals within our communities.