The Wilf Ward Family Trust is thrilled to announce an exceptional milestone in our partnership with York City FC. Our sports correspondent, Denis, was granted an exclusive opportunity to delve into the club’s strategies and future outlook during their latest press conference, held on December 7th at the LNER Community Stadium.

In an engaging conversation that unfolded at the 25-minute mark, Denis skilfully navigated insightful questions with Neal Ardley, where they discussed the club’s vision, strategies, and its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility within the community.

Neal Ardley, acknowledging the quality of the interview, lauded Denis by stating it was the “best interview” held during the session. This recognition reinforces Denis’s role as our new sports correspondent for the upcoming internal magazine, a new co-produced collaborative endeavour, set to launch soon.

This exclusive content is a testament to the fruitful partnership we’ve forged with York City FC, showcasing their impactful work and unwavering dedication to creating an inclusive environment within the sports industry.

Stay tuned for more enriching and insightful content, highlighting the shared commitment between The Wilf Ward Family Trust and York City FC toward fostering accessibility and inclusivity for all.

For more details and to watch the engaging conversation, visit our social media channels or follow this link: 🗣 Press Conference | Neal Ardley pre-Nantwich Town (H) – YouTube