My name is Steven Marshall and I am a Support Worker in the East Riding. I’m not one for talking highly of myself or a service but when I was asked to write a day in the life of, I really wanted to tell others about my work with the Wilf Ward Family Trust and how I became a Support Worker.

I had almost 20 years working for the government, mainly in an operational role protecting people & properties from flooding. My colleagues and I got to work in some very scenic places around the UK and some not so scenic places (wading through contaminants dangerous to health). Unfortunately, during the pandemic, I found myself unemployed in June 2020.

My mental health had suffered, and I had lost a lot of confidence, this is when I applied for this role with The Wilf Ward Family Trust. From my initial interview with my soon to be manager I knew there was something good about this next step in my life. Having secured a part time position I began my journey into care. Please don’t be offended when I say I felt at the time it was an unskilled career and that, in my view, care companies had massive staffing problems and would therefore take anybody willing to give it go. I was introduced to the Individuals we Support and I was very supportively shadowed by more experienced members of staff. Having been prompted by my manager to complete my care certificate within what I felt a very short period of time, unbeknown to me, it was easily achievable with the right support offered. When I gained my accreditation, I felt it was important to build a rapport with the Individuals. However, I’ve now realised that since I first walked through that door into my new role, I’d already made huge steps with them and I was taken aback just how they were becoming very special people in my life. What else can I say, I’ve been with the Trust since July 2020 and I can truly say this career path I’ve taken can have the hardest of days but can also be so fulfilling and rewarding.

My mental health is much stronger now and I see a little bit of confidence coming back. I believe this can only be achieved with an extremely understanding & supportive staff/management team, I am truly proud to work for The Wilf Ward Family Trust.

I will never let anybody say this is an unskilled job with poor job retention….I’m the proof! I am so grateful the Trust gave me an opportunity back in 2020, as life/career is only getting better……here’s to the future! Thank you all who continue to support me and I would also like to thank you all at The Wilf Ward Family Trust, we are all truly AMAZING!