My name is Jonathan Pitt and I recently joined the Wilf Ward Family Trust as a Support Worker. Before the transfer from Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust to Wilf Ward, I did feel apprehensive and I felt that it was good to meet Clare and Amanda from the organisation and speak to them about the job.

When the date had been decided I felt that for myself personally it would be a new chapter of my work in caring for people.

I feel that the transfer has gone smoothly and I am enjoying working for Wilf Ward. The management team are very supportive and helpful and we can support each other as a team.

I have been working at the service since early May 2020 and I really enjoy supporting the residents and sharing their lives with me. Each day is different and I feel that I can support the residents to a high and professional standard.

I enjoy going for walks with one resident and last year we went to Newcastle for the day by train.