The lockdown has proved a struggle for everyone, but it has been especially difficult for some of the individuals we support who rely on their routines as part of their mental wellbeing.

The team at Stakesby Road decided to get creative. The individuals they support loved going out to the shops, or going to the local bistro, so the team decided to bring those small comforts to their back garden by converting the summer house into a pop-up shop and bistro.

The Rainbow Bistro is stocked full of provisions and leisure activities, such as games, books, magazines, confectionary and cards. Outside, there is a menu full of delicious meals that people can choose from, with a selection of fruit smoothies, milk shakes and hot drinks to accompany them. Support workers played the role of waiting on staff, with the individuals they support able to get involved and assist with the use of inclusive technology.

The Rainbow Bistro has had a huge impact on the individuals we support, giving them the opportunity to reclaim some of the normality the pandemic has denied them. A little creativity, and a positive attitude has helped a group of individuals in the biggest of ways.