In a remarkable display of determination and community spirit, Sam Moor, Registered Manager of The Wilf Ward Family Trust, along with a team of 14 adventurous individuals, will take on the formidable challenge of climbing Ben Nevis on Saturday, 9th September. The goal? To raise funds and create a dedicated room for patients with complex needs in the new A&E Department at Scarborough Hospital.

Supported by Jo Blades, a Learning Disabilities Nurse at Scarborough Hospital, the team will embark on this thrilling mountain expedition. Although they all share a passion for outdoor activities like walking the Cleveland Way from the Sea Life Centre to Filey in 2022, tackling a mountain presents an entirely new and exciting challenge.

The team’s endeavour is dedicated to the memory of Dennis Allen, who made a lasting impact and inspired many within the community. In addition, Kevin Borwell, A former Royal Marine Mountain Leader, and a fully qualified first aid instructor of Walk Yorkshire will be joining the group, having walked across Yorkshire to offer his support. He plans to meet the team at the summit of Ben Nevis, adding an extra touch of motivation to their feat.

Sam Moor, known for her unwavering commitment to community engagement, said;

“The Ben Nevis Challenge embodies the essence of what truly brings people together—feeling good, staying positive, and embracing personal challenges. By pushing our limits and conquering this mighty challenge, we aim to do more than just raise funds. Our goal is to create a positive impact and improve the lives of others. If we can raise money and support those in need, then we have truly accomplished something remarkable. Join us on this incredible journey as we strive to make a difference and inspire others along the way.”

With these words, Sam encapsulates the spirit of the endeavour, emphasising the power of positivity and personal growth through overcoming challenges.

Sam’s dedication to community support extends beyond the Ben Nevis climb. She runs a Saturday surgery at the Alexandra Bowls Centre, catering to the local community. This monthly gathering serves as an opportunity for individuals, families, and support workers to come together, share positive stories from the previous month, and build confidence and mental well-being for the upcoming month. The supportive environment fosters open discussions and provides confidential support for all attendees, including external and internal colleagues.

In addition to the Ben Nevis climb, the team organised the Oliver’s Mount Challenge on Sunday, 16th July, as part of their fundraising efforts for the Urgent & Emergency Care Appeal at Scarborough Hospital. The event aimed to secure funds for a sensory projector in the dedicated room for complex needs patients. Participants chose from three options: the Mini Mount, completing two laps around The Mere in Scarborough; the Midi Mount, completing four laps around The Mere; and the Massive Mount, walking up to Oliver’s Mount.

By looking to conquering Ben Nevis and having completed the Oliver’s Mount Challenge, they hope to inspire others to push their limits, promote community inclusion, and make a positive impact on the local healthcare system.

To register as a participant or to sponsor the events, please visit Your support will go a long way in transforming lives and ensuring the highest quality of care for those in need. Together, we can achieve great things.