In a continued effort to promote inclusivity, The Wilf Ward Family Trust is proud to announce its ongoing collaboration with York City FC to make match days at the LNER Community Stadium accessible and autism-friendly for all fans.

A highlight of this ongoing partnership is the heartening story of Noah, a young fan who recently attended a York City FC game. Equipped with ear defenders generously donated by The Wilf Ward Family Trust, Noah enjoyed the match to the fullest, his radiant smile reflecting the joy and inclusivity that this initiative embodies.

“We are thrilled to see Noah and other fans like him embracing the match day experience with confidence and joy,” said Michelle Sharp, from The Wilf Ward Family Trust. “Our mission is to create a world where everyone feels valued and included, and our collaboration with York City FC allows us to make meaningful strides towards that goal.”

In addition to the donation of ear defenders, The Wilf Ward Family Trust has worked closely with York City FC to develop and implement Inclusive Match Day Guidance. This comprehensive document provides detailed information and support to ensure that all fans, including those with learning disabilities and autism, can fully participate in the match day experience.

“The Wilf Ward Family Trust has been an invaluable partner in our efforts to make our stadium and match day experience inclusive for all,” said Steve Dory of York City FC. “Together, we are committed to creating an environment where every fan feels welcome and supported.”

The ear defenders donated by The Wilf Ward Family Trust are available for hire during matches and are then given to the individual to keep, empowering them to attend future match days and sporting events with confidence.

Adding to the celebration, Noah recently had the honour of being a mascot for the first time at a York City FC game, showcasing the ongoing success of our collaboration in promoting inclusivity in sports.

To book ear defenders for an upcoming match at the LNER Community Stadium, interested individuals can fill out the booking form here:

This continued partnership between The Wilf Ward Family Trust and York City FC exemplifies the power of collaboration in promoting inclusion and accessibility in sports. As we celebrate World Autism Acceptance Week, let’s continue to spread awareness and acceptance, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the magic of match day.